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Welcome to MovieNight! 🙌

MovieNight is an app for people that prefer watching movies than arguing on titles.

It comes from an idea I had with my love, when a day we spent more time choosing the movie than actually watching it. 😅

I thought we could create a personal movie watchlist (with movies that you want to watch or re-watch), so when you are with your friends or your partner, the app cross-compares the lists and tells which films you both want to watch. Easy, no?

Current features

  • Search for movies and add them to your watchlist (TMDB api)
  • Search for people and send friendship requests

Currently we have the following models: User, Movie, Wish, and Friendship.

Wish represents the movie that a User wants to watch, it's basically a lookup table between User and Movie.

When the user logs in and searches for a movie, the RemoteMoviesController makes a request to the TMDB api and presents a list with the requested movies. When the user clicks on a movie, we create (if needed) a new record on the movies table (caching some info from tmdb), then we create a new Wish that relates the Movie with the User.

Friendship represent a friendship request: has a sender and a receiver. To represent that the receiver has confirmed the friendship, we just fill the confirmation date on the friendship, otherwise remains a pending request.

Feature roadmap:

  • Movie sync from TMDB - done
  • Move movie search from TMDB to local db
  • Get more details when searching for a movie (or while browsing your watchlist)
  • Public profile page - done
  • Unified search for movies and friends
  • Search directors (director page with movies)
  • Notifications for friendship requests
  • Facebook login (now just Google login)
  • Movie suggestor

Possible features:

  • Movie reviews
  • "Wall" where you can see your friends' updates (reviews, watchlists updates)
  • Event creation, invite friends, commenting events (Date-chooser à la Doodle?)



bin/rails db:create db:migrate
bin/rails s

App is running at localhost:3000.



bundle exec rspec


MovieNight is an app for people that prefer spending time watching movies than choosing titles







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