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cx_Freeze 5.0 for Python 3.5 on Windows
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cx_Freeze 5.0 for Python 3.5 on Windows

This repository used to provide binary Python Wheels of cx_Freeze 5.0 for Python 3.5 on Windows. However, on 2016-11-16 cx_Freeze 5.0 was finally declared stable and official binary Wheels for multiple Python versions (including 3.5) were uploaded to PyPI. Since my binary packages of development snapshots have become obsolete, I have removed them from this repository and you should use the official release from PyPI instead.

However, I will keep the previous build instructions here for a while:

Build instructions

Python 3.5 is built with Visual Studio 2015, so you need to install it to compile extensions for Python 3.5. The free Community Edition works without any problems - but you need to make sure that, for 64 bit platforms, you install the 'Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015' option, which is not included in the default installation.

Once Visual Studio 2015 is installed, building the cx_Freeze Wheel is very easy:

  1. Open the MSBuild Command Prompt for VS2015.
  2. Install the Wheel package with pip install wheel.
  3. Either clone the cx_Freeze repository or download a snapshot of the lastest version.
  4. Build the Wheel with python bdist_wheel. You'll find the result in the dist directory.
  5. Now you can install the created (or downloaded) Wheel with pip install cx_Freeze-5.0-cp35-cp35m-win_amd64.whl (for the 64 bit version). Make sure that your pip is a reasonably recent version because old pip versions can't install directly from wheels.
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