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Avisynth 32-bit proxy
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Avisynth 32-bit proxy

Embed 32-bit Avisynth 2.6 or Avisynth+ environment within 64-bit VapourSynth.

avsw.Eval(string script, clip[] "clips", string[] "clip_names", string "avisynth", string "slave", string "slave_log")
  • script - Avisynth script fragment
  • clips - VapourSynth clips ("nodes") to inject into Avisynth environment
  • clip_names - Avisynth variable name corresponding to injected clip
  • avisynth - Path to Avisynth DLL. The default uses the process DLL search path.
  • slave - Path to avshost_native.exe slave process. The plugin path is searched by default.
  • slave_log - Log file for slave process.

The function returns the result of the Avisynth script, which may be an integer, float, string, or clip. If the result is a clip, the name of the return value is "clip", otherwise it is "result".


import vapoursynth as vs

core = vs.get_core()

red = core.std.BlankClip(color=[255, 0, 0])
green = core.std.BlankClip(color=[0, 255, 0])
# Before executing the Avisynth script, "r" and "g" are set to the bound clips.
c = core.avsw.Eval("Merge(r, g)", clips=[red, green], clip_names=["r", "g"])
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