Small-scale CA with SmartCard support - CLI wrapper for OpenSSL and OpenSC
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Welcome to µ-CA. This tool will help you to perform basic tasks with your CA, X.509 certificates in general and GnuPG:

  • Create CA as files
  • or Create CA on a SmartCard
  • or Create CA as files and store on SmartCard
  • Create intermediate CA
  • Sign other certificates
  • Backup CA key with n-of-m scheme key sharing
  • Create client certificates with and without SmartCard
  • Basic SmartCard functions: Info, Read, Write, Generate keys, Reset
  • show SSH keys for use with current SmartCard


This tool is written in Bash. Other dependencies are OpenSSL, OpenSC, GPG (version 2) and ssss.

On Debian/Ubuntu just type:

sudo apt-get install opensc opensc-pkcs11 libengine-pkcs11-openssl openssl gnupg2

SmartCard Support

The µ-CA-Tool was developed with focus on Nitrokey Pro and Crypto Stick. However other OpenPGP-Cards and PKCS#11 compliant SmartCards should work as well, e.g. Nitrokey Storage, Yubikey Neo or the FSFE Fellowship Smart Card.

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