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Security module for php7 and php8 - Killing bugclasses and virtual-patching the rest!

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Snuffleupagus is a PHP 7+ and 8+ module designed to drastically raise the cost of attacks against websites, by killing entire bug classes. It also provides a powerful virtual-patching system, allowing administrator to fix specific vulnerabilities and audit suspicious behaviours without having to touch the PHP code.

Key Features


We've got a download page, where you can find packages for your distribution, but you can of course just git clone this repo, or check the releases on github.


We're providing various example rules, that are looking like this:

# Harden the `chmod` function

# Mitigate command injection in `system`

Upon violation of a rule, you should see lines like this in your logs:

[snuffleupagus][][disabled_function][drop] The execution has been aborted in /var/www/index.php:2, because the return value (0) of the function 'strpos' matched a rule.


We've got a comprehensive website with all the documentation that you could possibly wish for. You can of course build it yourself.


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