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September 21st, 2018

The sel-hncom library has been merged
with Selery and now uses the xpacket library.

New library (sel-data) used to provide IDs;
it will replace sel-utils in the future.

New library for reading roman numbers.

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@sel-bot sel-bot released this Jun 4, 2018

The parent/children model for worlds has been replaced by the group system.
Players cannot be transferred between worlds yet.

The hub now supports plugins that can execute functions on start (with the @start
attribute) and register events like it is done in the node.
Hub's plugins must specify target = "hub" in their plugin.toml or add both
node-main and hub-main in case the plugin is created for both node and hub.

Some features has been removed and replaced by plugins, included in the ci-built

Plugins' language files are now located in the assets/lang folder in the plugin's
directory instead of in the lang folder.

The --about command now prints pretty-printed JSON b

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