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November 2017 release of PcapPlusPlus (v17.11)

Master branch is always kept stable, so the latest code can always be considered as the newest stable version.

This package contains:

  • Binaries compiled with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu14.04 LTS
  • Binaries compiled with CentOS 7
  • Binaries compiled with Fedora 26
  • Binaries compiled with MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan) and 10.12 (Sierra) using Xcode ranging from 6.4 to 9
  • Binaries compiled with Windows using MinGW32 5.3.0 (32bit) and MinGW-w64 6.3.0 (32bit)
  • Binaries compiled with Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (32bit and 64bit, Debug and Release configurations)
  • Source code
  • Source code + Linux installation scripts for DPDK, PF_RING and vanilla
  • Full documentation (both PcapPlusPlus web-site and API doxygen documentation) is available here: https://github.com/seladb/PcapPlusPlus-Doc/releases/tag/v17.11

Release notes (changes from v17.02)

  • Added TCP reassembly module
  • Set Unilicense as PcapPlusPlus license
  • Added support for DPDK 16.11 and 17.02 (replacing old 2.1 version)
  • Added 5 tutorials for getting started with PcapPlusPlus: http://seladb.github.io/PcapPlusPlus-Doc/tutorials.html
  • Added installation target ('make install') on Linux and MacOS
  • New protocols:
    • SIP
    • SDP
    • IPv4 options
    • Raw IP link layer type
    • VXLAN
  • New and updated utilities:
    • New TCP reassembly utility
    • PcapSplitter now includes split criteria in split file names (for example: when splitting by client IP output files will look like: filename-client-ip-x.x.x.x.pcap). This applies also to splitting by server IP, server port and BPF filter (thanks to @bpagon13 !)
    • PcapSplitter now supports splitting pcap files with link type other than Ethernet
    • Added version information for all utilities
  • Choose whether to parse a packet fully or up to a certain layer
  • Added support for libpcap immediate mode where supported (libpcap ver>=1.5) - thanks to @f-squirrel !
  • pthreads on MinGW are now linked statically (upgraded pthreads to 2.10)
  • Added PcapPlusPlus version and Git info API
  • Clean-ups:
    • Removed unnecessary files and reduced repo size
    • Removed compilation warnings
    • Cleaner makefiles and makefile output
    • Moved debug-new to 3rd-party
  • Many bugfixes