Tools for splitting up house expenses.
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Tool for splitting up house expenses.


Run python LEDGER_YAML to split all expenses and calculate who is currently in debt. There are a few types of expenses you can add to the ledger.

Expense Types


Each bill is split evenly amongst all of the people in the house, based on the fraction of the time of the bill that they were in residence.

If person A is in residence the entire duration of a bill, and person B is there only half of the bills time, person A will owe 3/4ths of it and person B 1/4th.

Shared Costs

Shared costs are split evenly amongst a set list of people or all people living in the house at a given instance in time.


Payments log the transfer of money from one person to another. You use them to pay off dues.

House Definition

A house has a name, a min_people that it should contain, and a list of people who have lived there.

You'll get an error if you try to split up a bill between fewer people than the house is supposed to contain.


A person has a name and a list of residencies which are each a date range. Each residency is a contiguous block of time that they've lived there. If they go away for a summer, they have two residencies: before they left and after they've returned.

Date Range

A date range describes a time span. It always has a start. It might have an end, but could be unbounded into the future. It's also possible, for convenience, to specify the end date as the first day that's not in the range via end_exclusive.

It's possible to specify the entire month of January 2014 by either of the following

start: 2014-01-01
end: 2014-01-31

start: 2014-01-01
end_exclusive: 2014-02-01

Example House

  name: Housetub
  min_people: 3
    - name: David
        - start: 2013-09-01
          end_exclusive: 2014-09-01
    - name: Stubbs
        - start: 2013-08-01
          end: 2014-05-23
        - start: 2014-08-06

Expense Definitions

Expenses are listed in a ledger in the house YAML.


Each bill has a description, the name of the person paid_by, an amount in dollars, for_dates which is a single date range, and paid_on_date which is a single day.

  - description: Garbage
    paid_by: Stubbs
    amount: 178.08
    paid_on_date: 2014-06-28
      start: 2014-03-31
      end: 2014-06-14

Shared Costs

Each shared cost has a description, the name of the person paid_by, an amount in dollars, and on_date which is a single day, and a list of names of people the cost was shared_amongst. If the list of names is excluded, it is shared amongst all people living in the house on that date equally.

  - description: Dinner
    paid_by: David
    total_cost: 51.00
    shared_amongst: [David, Stubbs]
    on_day: 2014-04-15


Each payment has the name of the payer, the name of the person paid to, the amount, and the on_date it was paid.

  - payer: David
    to: Stubbs
    total_cost: 10.00
    on_day: 2014-04-15