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This is a tool for computing the individual and team results of a collegiate figure skating competition and publishing them to a website. This works by processing files in the results directory to generate scores files which contain a listing of all the points that each skater and team received. These scores files are further processed to generate html files that show the team results in a tabular format.

OSX Usage

This only discusses blind usage, e.g., you're running a Collegiate Figure Skating competition and want to publish results to a website.

Open up a terminal. In OSX, you get to this by going to Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. This is just a way of interacting with your computer via text. Install homebrew (a way of downloading applications) with the following command. Copy and paste this into the terminal and hit enter on your keyboard:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

You may be prompted to enter your password for your computer. Note: when entering your password no characters (* or similar) will show in the terminal when you type.

Install git and perl using homebrew. You can do this with the following command after homebrew is installed. Note, that installing git will prompt you to install XCode. Allow OSX to do this:

brew install git perl

Login to GitHub or create a GitHub account if you don't have one. GitHub is a website for working on programming projects collaboratively and keeping track of changes through a versioning system called git (which you just installed).

Fork a copy of this repository (the project) by clicking "Fork" in the top right or using this link. This creates a copy of the repository that you can then work on.

Then, grab a local copy of your forked version of this repository that will live on your computer. You will need to use your GitHub username, which I will indicate as <USERNAME>, and you will be prompted for your GitHub password:

cd ~
git clone<USERNAME>/ulysses

This will place a copy of the forked repository on your computer in a directory called <your username on your computer>/ulysses. By default, when you open a terminal in OSX, you are automatically placed in the <your username on your computer> directory. From the terminal, you need to "change directory" (cd) into ulysses. Do that with:

cd ulysses

The way that ulysses works is that results are placed in a results directory. All the results will be converted into scores files (placed in a build directory) indicating the points that each skater received as well as the overall point totals for all teams. The most recent result (indicated by the highest numbered results file) will be published to a website. There exists one example results file: 2016_02_competition.results. Create a copy (with the cp command) of this called 2016_03_competition.results (which has a higher numbering than 2016_02) with the following command (you can copy and paste the command below):

cp results/2016_02_competition.results results/2016_03_competition.results

Now, you can edit results/2016_03_competition.results file. Open this with the built in OSX text editor: Finder -> Applications -> TextEdit. In TextEdit, open the file <your username on your computer>/ulysses/results/2016_03_competition.results. You can get to the <your username on your computer> directory by clicking in the drop down menu of the open file prompt.

You can then edit this file in TextEdit adding results as the competition progresses. Make sure to remove the provided example results for an actual competition!

To determine the scores for this competition, in the open terminal type:


You should see the results appear on the screen. To publish these to a website (which will prompt you for your GitHub password), type:

make publish

This will then update a website at https://<your github username> like for my repo:


If you make any changes to any files inside the ulysses directory that are not to 2016_03_competition.results, running make publish will fail. You can blow away all changes that you made (except to 2016_03_competition.results with:

git checkout .

If you have any problems with the structure of your results files, these will be displayed as an error with suggestions on what a correct format looks like.