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bitsy hacks

npm i @bitsy/hecks

A collection of re-usable scripts for Adam Le Doux's Bitsy Game Maker. See Ayolland's Borksy for a GUI that allows you to use these hacks with less copy-pasting.

Last tested against Bitsy 7.10


Custom text effect demoFollower demoUnique items demo

How to use

Each script has a short "HOW TO USE" section included in the comments. For steps which say to Copy-paste this script into a script tag after the bitsy source, open your exported bitsy game and scroll to the bottom of the file (at the time of writing, it looks like this):



<body onload='startExportedGame()'>
  <!-- GAME CANVAS -->
  <canvas id='game'></canvas>


then edit it to look like this:


  // and then paste your code here!


<body onload='startExportedGame()'>
  <!-- GAME CANVAS -->
  <canvas id='game'></canvas>



  • I don't know javascript. Can I still use the hacks?

    Yes, most of the hacks require little to no javascript experience.

  • Can I import a hacked file back into the Bitsy editor?

    Yes, but unfortunately only the gamedata will be imported, and the hacks will be lost. To edit a hacked game, it's recommended that you keep a copy of the hacked html file, and copy-paste edited gamedata into it. If you need to do this a lot, there are a few tools available to speed up your workflow (e.g. bitsy-savior, Borksy, bitsy-boilerplate).

  • Some of these hack files are kinda long. Do I need to copy the whole thing?

    Yes, you need the entire hack file in order for it to work. If for some reason you're really concerned with filesize (you shouldn't be), you can programmatically compose and minify them (either by cloning this repo or by using the bitsy-boilerplate project), but this is only recommended for developers familiar with javascript bundling.

  • Can I combine multiple hacks?

    Yes, but there are known issues with specific combinations. If you're having issues using multiple hacks, try testing them one at a time to make sure they've each been setup correctly.

  • Do the hacks work with forks like Bitsy 3D, Bitsy HD, or Bitsy Color?

    It varies by hack and by fork. If something doesn't work, try testing against a regular Bitsy game to make sure you've setup the hack correctly.

    Bitsy HD in particular is a fairly old fork, and generally needs older versions of hacks.

  • Do the hacks work with emulators like bitsy boutique or bitsybox?

    No. Emulators function by re-implementing parts of the engine and/or browser into another environment, but the hacks rely heavily on how the engine is structured and how the browser handles <script> tags. However, desktop projects which preserve the original engine/browser context (e.g. Electron, NW.js) can be used.

If your question isn't covered here, it may be in the general Bitsy FAQ.

For other issues, feel free to ping me, open an issue, or ask for help on the Bitsy discord!

Old Versions

Bitsy and the hacks are generally not backwards-compatible: when Bitsy updates, it often breaks individual hacks. If you're having issues with hacks after a Bitsy update, it's possible they are out of date. Feel free to reach out for help or open an issue if you suspect this is the case.

If you are using an older version of Bitsy (or a fork based on an older version), you may require old versions of the hacks. Support is not guaranteed across versions, and old versions are not maintained, but some helpful points in history are listed below.

Further reading