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head fork: calendar42/select2
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Commits on Mar 11, 2013
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Removed unused images and changed the loader to be an data-uri image 14808dc
Commits on May 14, 2013
@clinct clinct pulled in the master branch 75090c5
Commits on May 23, 2013
@clinct clinct removed the title attribute of the result div as it would result in a…
… hugh title attribute in our complex formatted case
@clinct clinct tried to improve the interaction on focus and blur cf777aa
Commits on May 27, 2013
@clinct clinct Added callbacks: onSubmit and postRenderResults. Added public functio…
…ns: selectCurrent updateResults. Added option tabOverrule (prevents the default tab behavior and calls it as a function)
Commits on May 30, 2013
@clinct clinct commented an edit concerning opening on focus for now, after some mor…
…e testing
Commits on Jun 07, 2013
@denniskoks denniskoks implemented c42 styling f9c9bd7
Commits on Jun 12, 2013
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Make it possible to use the keyboard to select the an item in the lis…
…t but olso unselect (start as unselected by default), in that way its also possible to just use the input value
Commits on Jun 13, 2013
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Auto open the dropdown and add the text in the searchfield 1d0535d
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Set the initValue in the open instead of focus to make it work when y…
…ou click on the dropdown to open it
Commits on Jun 14, 2013
@clinct clinct removed unnecessary customization and made sure that the correct valu…
…e is set when no actual option is selected
Commits on Apr 17, 2014
@bobkarreman bobkarreman If formatNoMatches is not provided dont call it a90fc6a
@bobkarreman bobkarreman If formatNoMatches is not provided dont call it 63a270f
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Added an option to prefer to open the dropdown above a21de3d
Commits on Apr 30, 2014
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Added a select2-closing event to be able to canel the closing 8f09ae4
Commits on May 02, 2014
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Add a clear button to the autocomplete input f39342f
@comlaterra comlaterra Clear button only appears when there are values dd94bb9
@comlaterra comlaterra Hide clear button on select2 closing 601109f
@comlaterra comlaterra Clear button issue when user selects an option 9018a02
@comlaterra comlaterra ClearButton on simple mode a99bc43
Commits on May 05, 2014
@denniskoks denniskoks added a highlight feature when the element is added to the dom + mino…
…r style changes
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Fixed the behaviour of the clearbutton b3246fc
@denniskoks denniskoks small styling fixes 0b144b6
@denniskoks denniskoks Merge branch 'master' of 632f8b9
Commits on May 07, 2014
@comlaterra comlaterra Resultset render in mobile 6b05c29
Commits on May 08, 2014
@comlaterra comlaterra Mobile support issues
Added touch events, isiOS and mobileVersion opts
@comlaterra comlaterra MobileVersion issue 5986b81
@comlaterra comlaterra Touch events 8f85760
@comlaterra comlaterra Touch issue 8bcfcf9
@clinct clinct Fixes for propegation handling on iPhone b2a1b71
Commits on May 12, 2014
@comlaterra comlaterra Scroll left after select, only mobile multiselect 56fe6f3
Commits on May 13, 2014
@comlaterra comlaterra added selectOnTab option 72c9b36
Commits on May 20, 2014
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Also remove the drop-maks when destroying e599241
Commits on May 21, 2014
edmon select2 mobile version 0.1 3eead53
edmon Merge branch 'master' of ff449a2
Commits on May 22, 2014
edmon mobile results height 334080b
edmon mobile results height optimization, text overflow ellipsis on title c47fa1e
edmon Fastclick click event instead mouseUp, autoSelectFirst param default …
…= true
Commits on May 23, 2014
edmon MOBILE: dont search on focus, mouseup to select element -- DELAY NOT …
edmon fastClick on select item d2c87f6
edmon moseUp again b2f4720
Commits on Jun 10, 2014
edmon backspace issue and select2 container position error solved 29255da
Commits on Jun 11, 2014
edmon Focus issues on Android 9bb2f5e
edmon Merge branch 'master' of deff6b5
Commits on Jun 12, 2014
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Fixed ios focus bug 09ae5ec
edmon repositioning clearButton when select input grows or is closed 06955f2
Commits on Jun 13, 2014
@bobkarreman bobkarreman When removing an selected filter requery bb31920
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Make sure we properly close when clicking on the mask e3c159e
@bobkarreman bobkarreman Only apply the closing function when its multi 4b7ef9e
Commits on Jun 14, 2014
@clinct clinct focused selection was no longer being able to be deleted by backspace…
…. Fixed by refocusing in the searchfield after closing the dropdown
Commits on Jun 22, 2014
edmon Avoid blur behavior on moble 365309c
Commits on Jul 04, 2014
edmon Highlight on touchstart on mobile version 25ada3a
Commits on Dec 05, 2014
@clinct clinct added noMask (default:false) and parentContainerSelector (default:nul…
…l) to config
Commits on Dec 15, 2014
@denniskoks denniskoks clean up styles + small styling tweaks ea5fdb6
@clinct clinct Merge branch 'master' of 33e617c
@denniskoks denniskoks styled disabled state 3d2ca09
@denniskoks denniskoks Merge branch 'master' of a7b5b8d
Commits on Dec 16, 2014
@comlaterra comlaterra Trigger changed on clear 90d7bf9
@comlaterra comlaterra Make public the function addSelectedChoice 1c455c2
@comlaterra comlaterra Merge branch 'master' of 6e88e78
Commits on Jan 14, 2015
@comlaterra comlaterra Changed the way as the position of the dropdown is setted using the w…
…idth of the input instead the outterwidth of the dropdown
Commits on Feb 17, 2015
@comlaterra comlaterra Solved issue with the autocomplete height when it is oppened avobe th…
…e input field
Commits on Feb 19, 2015
@comlaterra comlaterra Added styles to allow to don't overflow the results and make grow the…
… container of the autocomplete choices
@comlaterra comlaterra Fixed the height when the autocomplete goes above the input e62435b
Commits on Feb 20, 2015
@comlaterra comlaterra removed width of the autocomplete 25a113d