selecting existing options or adding new ones dynamically #201

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I would like to display a select dropdown list where people can select one value or create new ones dynamically.

The answer is almost there thanks to this issue (#1) but if I change "multiple" to "false", I cannot select existing entries anymore.
I can a JS error : Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0 [nsIDOMDocumentFragment.appendChild]

Please see this jsfiddle :

Is there a solution for this issue?


In fact, it is already supported using createSearchChoice (
Sorry guys and congrats for this great library.

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nice, just what I was looking for 👍


thanks a ton, this should be a core feature






thanks, you save me a lot of searching and workarounds :D




Hi all

i checked both the mentioned links- :,

but both are not working can you please make them correct or provide me the link of correct working code

Please revert ASAP
Thanks In Advance

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