The documentation doesn't mention browser support #79

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gaaady commented Jun 7, 2012

No description provided.

I'd be very curious to learn this information too. Select2 could be the greatest combo-box library ever written (and so far it appears to be), but if it only works in Firefox 12 and Internet Explorer 15, it's not much use to anyone.


ivaynberg commented Jun 8, 2012

it should work in anything that jquery does. currently i know that IE7 is having some issues with z-index if two select2s are close to each other. see #37, but other then that its only limited by what jquery supports. i will do some formal testing when i have some time.

Thanks for including this info; it's very valuable to developers that consider using Select2 (because as much as they may love it, if half their users are on IE6 it's clearly a non-starter).

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