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Using your plugin in a chrome extension, and chrome forbids inline onclick handlers:

Refused to execute inline event handler because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'self' chrome-extension-resource:".


I've removed the two instances on onclick from select2. The first instance I swapped out to use your killEvent helper and the second one was superfluous since killEvent was being called in the handler anyway.


ivaynberg commented Sep 18, 2012

this was added as part of #330, any ideas?

Yeah no idea, I don't currently have an IE to test on so that kinda sucks.

From what I can tell from the link he posted, the actual solution is only dependent on the href="#" instead of href="javascript:void(0)", but I have no way to test this assertion.


kevin-brown commented Oct 11, 2012

The issue in #330 is now back in play because #487 had to reintroduce the changed line. Chosen fixed this previously by just stopping the propagation of the click, which seems like a really simple solution.


@kevin-brown yep, that was my thinking. This fix does kill the click event, so I'd be interested if it possibly solves both issues.


ivaynberg commented Feb 10, 2013

closing until a viable solution is found.

ivaynberg closed this Feb 10, 2013

rice referenced this pull request Apr 12, 2013


Remove inline styles #1180

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