@kevin-brown kevin-brown released this Aug 30, 2015 · 963 commits to develop since this release

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This bug fix release comes 11 days after the release of Select2 3.5.3, so it is recommended to also check out that release when upgrading.

Bug fixes

  • Tagging is back and working [https://github.com//issues/3695]
  • Fixed setting data using select2('data') on a single select breaking [https://github.com//issues/3694]

Select2 3.5.3 release notes

New features

This release does not add any new features, but it does add migration assistance for those who are looking to upgrade to Select2 4.0.0. These can be enabled by setting debug: true in your settings when initializing Select2.

  • Warnings will be displayed when debug is true and deprecated or renamed options are being used [https://github.com//issues/3483]
  • Options renamed in 4.0.0 are supported under their new names [https://github.com//issues/3483]

Bug fixes

  • Remove the remaining code for Internet Explorer 7 support [https://github.com//pull/2786]
  • Hide the search box if the dropdown is empty [https://github.com//pull/2828]
  • Improve performance issues in setVal [https://github.com//pull/2848]
  • Fix support for Zepto [https://github.com//pull/2866]
  • Properly remove event handlers when destroying [https://github.com//pull/2925]
  • Fix exception when no results are found using a multiple select.

This release is the final release under the 3.5.x line that will be handled by @kevin-brown. If you are interested in taking over the 3.5.x releases, contact Kevin Brown for more information.