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@@ -48,14 +48,13 @@ from `GitHub <>`_ and run ``python insta
Quick example
-There are two important classes in ``pyte``:
-:class:`~pyte.screens.Screen` and :class:`~pyte.streams.Stream`. The
+There are two important classes in ``pyte``: ``Screen`` and ``Stream``. The
``Screen`` is the terminal screen emulator. It maintains an in-memory
buffer of text and text-attributes to display on screen. The ``Stream``
is the stream processor. It manages the state of the input and dispatches
events to anything that's listening about things that are going on.
Events are things like ``LINEFEED``, ``DRAW "a"``, or ``CURSOR_POSITION 10 10``.
-See the :ref:`API <api>` for more details.
+See the `API documentation` for more details.
In general, if you just want to know what's being displayed on screen you
can do something like the following:
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