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pyxs Changelog
Here you can see the full list of changes between each pyxs release.
Version 0.4.1
Bugfix release, released on May 11th, 2016
- Fixed a bug in ``XenBusConnection.create_transport`` which failed
on attribute lookup. See PR #7 on GitHub.
Version 0.4.0
Released on March 6th, 2016
- Fixed a bug in ``Client.set_permissions`` which coerced permission
lists (e.g. ``["b0"]``) to repr-strings prior to validation.
- The API is now based around ``bytes``, which means that all methods
which used to accept ``str`` (or text) now require ``bytes``. XenStore
paths and values are specified to be 7-bit ASCII, thus it makes little
sense to allow any Unicode string as input and then validate if it
matches the spec.
- Removed ``transaction`` argument from ``Client`` constructor. The user
is advised to use the corresponding methods explicitly.
- Removed ``connection`` argument from ``Client`` constructor. The user
should now wrap it in a ``Router``.
- Renamed some of the ``Client`` methods to more human-readable names:
================= ===================
Old name New name
================= ===================
ls list
rm delete
get_permissions get_perms
set_permissions set_perms
transaction_start transaction
transaction_end commit and rollback
================= ===================
- Removed ``Client.transaction`` context manager, because it didn't provide
a way to handle possible commit failure.
- Added ``Client.exists`` for one-line path existence checks. See PR #6 on
GitHub. Thanks to Sandeep Murthy.
- Removed implicit reconnection logic from ``FileDescriptorConnection``.
The user is now expected to connect manually.
- Changed ``XenBusConnection`` to prefer ``/dev/xen/xenbus`` on Linux
due to a possible deadlock in XenBus backend.
- Changed ``UnixSocketConnection`` to use ``socket.socket`` instead of the
corresponding file descriptor.
- Disallowed calling ``Client.monitor`` over ``XenBusConnection``. See for
Version 0.3.1
Released on November 29th 2012
- Added ``default`` argument to ````, which acts similar to
- Fixed a lot of minor quirks so ``pyxs`` can be Debianized.
Version 0.3
Released on September 12th 2011
- Moved all PUBSUB functionality into a separate ``Monitor`` class, which
uses a *separate* connection. That way, we'll never have to worry
about mixing incoming XenStore events and command replies.
- Fixed a couple of nasty bugs in concurrent use of ``Client.wait()``
with other commands (see above).
Version 0.2
Released on August 18th 2011
- Completely refactored validation -- no more `@spec` magic, everything
is checked explicitly inside ``Client.execute_command()``.
- Added a compatibility interface, which mimics `xen.lowlevel.xs`
behaviour, using ``pyxs`` as a backend, see pyxs/
- Restricted `SET_TARGET`, `INTRODUCE` and `RELEASE` operations to
Dom0 only -- ``/proc/xen/capabilities`` is used to check domain
- Fixed a bug in ``Client.wait()`` -- queued watch events weren't wrapped
in ``pyxs._internal.Event`` class, unlike the received ones.
- Added ``Client.walk()`` method for walking XenStore tree -- similar to
Version 0.1
Initial release, released on July 16th 2011
- Added a complete implementation of XenStore protocol, including
transactions and path watching, see ``pyxs.Client`` for details.
- Added generic validation helper -- `@spec`, which forces arguments
to match the scheme from the wire protocol specification.
- Added two connection backends -- ``XenBusConnection`` for connecting
from DomU through a block device and ``UnixSocketConnection``,
communicating with XenStore via a Unix domain socket.