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Bash script for upload file to cloud storage based on OpenStack Swift API.
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What is supload?

It's simple script for upload file to cloud storage based on OpenStack Swift API.


  • recursive upload
  • check files by MD5 hash
  • upload only modified files
  • expiring files
  • exclude files matches pattern
  • find and upload only newest files
  • limit upload speed
  • auto unpacks archive on uploading (if storage supports)


  • support only less than 5G file to upload


For use script need installed utilities curl and file. Install for debian/ubuntu:

$ apt-get install curl file

Get script:

$ wget && chmod +x
# or
$ curl -Ok && chmod +x

You may move script to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin if want:

$ mv /usr/local/bin/supload


By default the script work with Selectel Cloud Storage.

Get help:

$ ./

Upload one file, file will be uploaded if not existence in storage or local file is different from file in storage (md5 check):

$ ./ -u USERNAME -k USERKEY storage_dir local_file.path

Upload all files in directory recursive (option -r):

$ ./ -u USRNAME -k USERKEY -r storage_dir local_dir/

Force upload without checking existing files in storage by md5 (option -M):

$ ./ -u USERNAME -k USERKEY -r -M storage_dir local_dir/

If the Storage supports expiring object you can set time when uploaded file must be deleted (option -d). Uploaded file will be deleted after 7 days:

$ ./ -u USERNAME -k USERKEY -d 7d storage_dir file.doc

Exclude some files for upload:

$ ./ -u USRNAME -k USERKEY -r -e ".git/*" -e "file_in_root_dir" -e "dir1/*/*.cache" -e "*~" -e "*.bak" storage_dir local_dir/

Enable detect mime-type (by utility file) and set Content-Type for uploading file (option -c):

$ ./ -u USERNAME -k USERKEY -c storage_dir localfile

Upload only files modified in the last 7 days (option -m):

$ ./ -u USERNAME -k USERKEY -r -m -7 storage_dir local_dir/

Limit upload speed (option -s):

$ ./ -u USERNAME -k USERKEY -r -s 2M storage_dir local_dir/

Upload and extract archive (option -z):

$ ./ -u USERNAME -k USERKEY -z tar.bz2 storage_dir archive.tar.bz2



  • unpack archive
  • improve handle error and debug output
  • add functional tests


  • limit upload speed (-s)


  • added new option for find&filter files by modified time p(-m)
  • fixed parser for etag header
  • added handle for 401 Unauthorized


  • disabled detect mime-type and set content-type by default
  • add option for enable detect mime-type (-c)


  • fixed: reauth when access denied


  • hide password key in cmdline


  • add option for exclude files (-e)


  • add support for expiring files (-d)
  • util file not necessarily now


  • ignore case for auth headers
  • support MacOsX
  • small fixes
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