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Selectize API

Selectize controls can be controlled programmatically via the methods described in this section. When initializing the control, the selectize property is added on the original <select> / <input> element—this property points to the underlying Selectize instance.

// initialize the Selectize control
var $select = $('select').selectize(options);

// fetch the instance
var selectize = $select[0].selectize;

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Property Description
options An object containing the entire pool of options. The object is keyed by each object's value.
items An array of selected values.


Method Description
addOption(data) Adds an available option, or array of options. If it already exists, nothing will happen. Note: this does not refresh the options list dropdown (use refreshOptions() for that).
updateOption(value, data) Updates an option available for selection. If it is visible in the selected items or options dropdown, it will be re-rendered automatically.
removeOption(value) Removes the option identified by the given value.
clearOptions() Removes all options from the control.
getOption(value) Retrieves the jQuery element for the option identified by the given value.
getAdjacentOption(value, direction) Retrieves the jQuery element for the previous or next option, relative to the currently highlighted option. The direction argument should be 1 for "next" or -1 for "previous".
refreshOptions(triggerDropdown) Refreshes the list of available options shown in the autocomplete dropdown menu.
Method Description
clear(silent) Resets / clears all selected items from the control. If silent is truthy, no change event will be fired on the original input.
getItem(value) Returns the jQuery element of the item matching the given value.
addItem(value, silent) "Selects" an item. Adds it to the list at the current caret position. If silent is truthy, no change event will be fired on the original input.
removeItem(value, silent) Removes the selected item matching the provided value. If silent is truthy, no change event will be fired on the original input.
createItem(value, [triggerDropdown], [callback]) Invokes the create method provided in the Selectize settings that should provide the data for the new item, given the user input. Once this completes, it will be added to the item list.
refreshItems() Re-renders the selected item lists.
Method Description
addOptionGroup(id, data) Registers a new optgroup for options to be bucketed into. The id argument refers to a value of the property in option identified by the optgroupField setting.
removeOptionGroup(id) Removes a single option group.
clearOptionGroups() Removes all existing option groups.
Method Description
on(event, handler) Adds an event listener.
off(event, handler) Removes an event listener.
off(event) Removes all event listeners.
trigger(event, ...) Triggers event listeners.
Method Description
open() Shows the autocomplete dropdown containing the available options.
close() Closes the autocomplete dropdown menu.
positionDropdown() Calculates and applies the appropriate position of the dropdown.
Method Description
destroy() Destroys the control and unbinds event listeners so that it can be garbage collected.
load(fn) Loads options by invoking the provided function. The function should accept one argument (callback) and invoke the callback with the results once they are available.
focus() Brings the control into focus.
blur() Forces the control out of focus.
lock() Disables user input on the control (note: the control can still receive focus).
unlock() Re-enables user input on the control.
disable() Disables user input on the control completely. While disabled, it cannot receive focus.
enable() Enables the control so that it can respond to focus and user input.
getValue() Returns the value of the control. If multiple items can be selected with a "select" input tag (e.g. <select multiple>), this returns an array. Otherwise, returns a string (separated by delimiter if "multiple").
setValue(value, silent) Resets the selected items to the given value.
setCaret(index) Moves the caret to the specified position (index being the index in the list of selected items).
isFull() Returns whether or not the user can select more items.
clearCache(template) Clears the render cache. Takes an optional template argument (e.g. option , item) to clear only that cache.
updatePlaceholder() When the `settings.placeholder` value is changed, the new placeholder will be displayed.
setTextboxValue(str) Sets the value of the input field.

Related Objects


Option Description Type
options Original search options. object
query The raw user input. string
tokens An array containing parsed search tokens. A token is an object containing two properties: string and regex . array
total The total number of results. int
items A list of matched results. Each result is an object containing two properties: score and id . array