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Educational goals for git lessons.odt
Git II.odt
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flashcards v2.pages
flashcards v2.pdf
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git flashcards.pdf
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intro to git - branching and merging.pdf
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intro to git.pdf
revision control vocabulary.pdf


Intro to Git I and II

Introduction to revision control concepts.

PDF of git flashcards is meant to be cut up and then applied to index cards to be used by students to practice with the language of revision control and git. Then, students can try to put them in possible orders.

Learning objectives for Git lessons

  1. Student will be able to show where revision control fits in the software development process.
  2. Student can describe to a partner basic revision control in their own words.
  3. Student can draw a diagram of data movement using git.
  4. Student can create git repo locally on personal computer, make changes to files and commit them.
  5. Student can open a pull request independently for the PyLadies website repository.


  • Create Github account
  • Install git (not the “github” application) locally on your system
  • Start a command-line application on your computer (like Terminal or 'command')
  • Describe what a directory is
  • Use 'cd' to move between directories and navigate into a particular directory
  • Know where files downloaded through your web browser are located or how to find them
  • Describe the difference between a command and options
  • Open a file located in a particular directory and edit it with a text editor

Task breakdown

  • Use git to create a repository
  • Use git to add a file to a repository
  • Use git to create a branch
  • Use git to clone a repository
  • Use git to commit a change
  • Use git to push a local commit to another git repository
  • Open a pull request on the Github website