"Selenium for Android" (Test automate native or hybrid Android apps and the mobile web with Selendroid.) Join us on IRC #selendroid on freenode. Also confirm you have signed the CLA http://goo.gl/pAvxEI when making a Pull Request.
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Selendroid is a test automation framework which drives of the UI of Android native and hybrid applications (apps) and the mobile web with Selendroid. Tests are written using the Selenium 2 client API and for testing the application under test must not be modified.

Selendroid can be used on emulators and real devices and can be integrated as a node into the Selenium Grid for scaling and parallel testing.

You want more details?

Check out our documentation.


We have documented Selendroid's Architecture and all the small tricks you need to know when contributing to selendroid you find in our wiki. Also confirm you have signed the CLA when making a Pull Request.

Maven Artifacts

You can find the current version in Maven central.


  1. Run gradle clean build


The Apache Software License, Version 2.0