Demo about how to extend selendroid at runtime.
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selendroid-extension shows how selendroid can be extended easily via execute_script functionality. The idea is that user can implement a specific interface e.g. io.selendroid.server.model.SelendroidScriptExtension that will be invoked via execute script and the classes, provided by the end customer, are loaded dynamically at runtime.

Demo Extension

In my example I created the class io.selendroid.extension.MyDemoExtension and build a jar, dexed it, added it to a jar and then deployed it to the sdcard of the device (the build file is:

Run the demo with Java

  package io.selendroid.extension;
  import org.junit.Test;
  import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;
  public class ExtensionLoadTest {
    public void extensionCallShouldSucceed() {
      SelendroidCapabilities capa = new SelendroidCapabilities("io.selendroid.testapp:1.0");
      WebDriver driver = new SelendroidDriver(capa);
      assertEquals("I'm an extension!",