The hangman game written in Java
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The hangman game written in Java

An example of Java project using UNIT-tests and UI tests.


To compile & run unit-tests:

  • ./gradlew test

To run UI Tests (in FireFox):

  • ./gradlew uitest

To run UI Tests (in Chrome):

  • ./gradlew chrome


  • src - Java sources
  • test/ee/ - unit-tests
  • test/uitest/ - UI tests
  • webapp - web application resources


  • web framework - Struts 2
  • unit-tests - JUnit
  • UI Tests - Selenide
  • Database - H2 (in-memory database, especially useful in tests)
  • Database migration - LiquiBase
  • Dependency injection - Guice


Many thanks to these incredible tools that help us creating open-source software:

Intellij IDEA YourKit Java profiler


Hangman is open-source project and distributed under MIT license