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Proxy Server "Phone Book".
Simplify running browser tests through a proxy server
by adding your frequently-used proxies here.
Now you can do something like this on the command line:
"pytest --proxy=proxy1"
Format of PROXY_LIST server entries:
* "ip_address:port" OR "username:password@ip_address:port"
* "server:port" OR "username:password@server:port"
(Do NOT include the http:// or https:// in your proxy string!)
Example proxies in PROXY_LIST below are not guaranteed to be active or secure.
If you don't already have a proxy server to connect to,
you can try finding one from one of following sites:
"example1": "", # (Example) - set your own proxy here
"proxy1": None,
"proxy2": None,
"proxy3": None,
"proxy4": None,
"proxy5": None,