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The S3 Logging Plugin to upload all logs to the S3 bucket specifed.
import uuid
import logging
import os
from seleniumbase.core.s3_manager import S3LoggingBucket
from nose.plugins import Plugin
class S3Logging(Plugin):
The plugin for uploading test logs to the S3 bucket specified.
name = 's3_logging' # Usage: --with-s3_logging
def configure(self, options, conf):
""" Get the options. """
super(S3Logging, self).configure(options, conf)
self.options = options
def afterTest(self, test):
""" After each testcase, upload logs to the S3 bucket. """
s3_bucket = S3LoggingBucket()
guid = str(uuid.uuid4().hex)
path = "%s/%s" % (self.options.log_path,
uploaded_files = []
for logfile in os.listdir(path):
logfile_name = "%s/%s/%s" % (guid,,
"%s/%s" % (path, logfile))
index_file = s3_bucket.upload_index_file(, guid)
print("\n\n*** Log files uploaded: ***\n%s\n" % index_file)
logging.error("\n\n*** Log files uploaded: ***\n%s\n" % index_file)
# If the database plugin is running, attach a link
# to the logs index database row
if hasattr(test.test, "testcase_guid"):
from seleniumbase.core.testcase_manager \
import TestcaseDataPayload, TestcaseManager
self.testcase_manager = TestcaseManager(self.options.database_env)
data_payload = TestcaseDataPayload()
data_payload.guid = test.test.testcase_guid
data_payload.log_url = index_file
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