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Creating a SeleniumBase Test Launcher using NodeJS

Great news: It's really easy to create a customized web app for kicking off SeleniumBase jobs using NodeJS. This tutorial will walk you through all the steps that you need. (I'll assume that you've already installed SeleniumBase by following the instructions from the top-level ReadMe file.)

1. Install NodeJS

2. Install Express for NodeJS

npm install -g express

3. Install the Example Test Launcher for SeleniumBase from the integrations/node_js folder

npm install

(You should see a node_modules folder appear in your node_js folder.)

4. Run the NodeJS server for your SeleniumBase Test Launcher web app

node server.js

(You can always stop the server by using CTRL-C.)

5. Open the SeleniumBase Test Launcher web app

6. Run an example test

Click on one of the buttons to run a SeleniumBase example test

7. Enjoy your web app

Congratulations! You now have a web app for kicking off SeleniumBase tests! NodeJS makes it easy!