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cast JS objects to a specified schema, ahoy!
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cast an object's values to a specified schema

npm install castaway

Given an object, and a schema defining the types of the objects properties, castaway will convert the values to the appropriate JS primitives.

var cast = require('castaway');

var obj = { foo: '1337'},
    schema = { foo: { type: Number }};

cast(obj, schema);

console.log(typeof; // number

Supported type values are:

  • Number
  • Boolean
  • Date (parses value with moment)
  • Array (converts a CSV string into an Array)

Arrays also support defining member schemas via an each property, and specifying the schema or types:

Here's an example of specifying the schema via each for an array...

var schema = {
        foo: {
            type: Array,
            each: {
                schema: {
                    id: { type: Number },
                    when: { type: Date }
    obj = { foo: [
        { id: '1', hee: 'haw', when: '2013-02-28 16:31:13' },
        { id: '2', hee: 'hoo', when: '2013-02-28' }

    cast(obj, schema);
    // for each entry in foo, id is a Number, when is a Date, hee is still a String

And here's an example of just specifying the type for an array via each...

var schema = { foo: { type: Array, each: { type: Number } } },
    obj = { foo: '1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9' };

cast(obj, schema);
// foo is an array of numbers
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