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* English language file for config of Wrap plugin
$lang['noPrefix'] = 'Which (comma separated) class names should be excluded from being prefixed with "wrap_"? (* and ? wildcards allowed)';
$lang['restrictedClasses'] = 'Restrict usage of plugin to these (comma separated) classes (* and ? wildcards allowed)';
$lang['restrictionType'] = 'Restriction type, specifies if classes above shall be included or excluded';
$lang['restrictionType_o_0'] = 'Allow all classes except the ones above';
$lang['restrictionType_o_1'] = 'Restrict to only the classes above and no others';
$lang['syntaxDiv'] = 'Which syntax should be used in the toolbar picker for block wraps?';
$lang['syntaxSpan'] = 'Which syntax should be used in the toolbar picker for inline wraps?';
$lang['darkTpl'] = 'Optimise colours for dark templates?';
$lang['emulatedHeadlines'] = 'Use emulated headings? (deprecated)';