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Powershell ICOM cmd scripts - Sends binary over USB serialport
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ICOM Powershell Serialport Command Sender

Example of the script sending numbers over a serialport 🎉


Known compatible targets

  • ICOM IC-7610


There is a template file that you can just copy and paste anywhere (Desktop for example).

This file is called: template.ps1

It has all the needed functions to run. You just have to set these variables:

$comPort = ""
$cmdString = ""

For example:

$serialPort = "COM12"
$cmdString = "FE FE 94 E0 26 00 05 00 01 FD"

Rename the file as you see fit, as long as the .ps1 extension remains.

Right click and "Run with Powershell", and it will fire off your command to the set port 🎉


Please read the file 🙏

I use VSCode with two extensions for this project:

  1. Powershell
  2. Editorconfig

Please fork the project and make a Pull Request (PR) to contribute!

Reading Materials

  1. HEX to BIN table
  2. CI-V Reference Manual
  3. ICOM IC-7610 Reference Manual
  4. Old CT-17 Reference Manual with BASIC code blocks
  5. Decimal Array to Binary $port.Write/3
  6. System.IO.Ports.SerialPort.Write .NET API

CI-V Manual Message Format Snippet


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