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Commonly used Power BI / DAX and Power Query / M snippets

As the amount of code snippets got a little bit messy, I decided to put all of the commonly used and referred code snippets together in a repository on GitHub. I differentiate between the Power BI or DAX measures and the Power Query or M snippets. For that reason I created two separate folders. The following table will give an overview over the provided examples

Power BI / DAX measures

DAX-Snippet Description
Correct column YYYY/MM for ISO format When you use the ISO format the combination of YYYY/MM is wrong at the end of the year. For example for the first week of 2021 the result would be "2021/53" instead of "2020/53". This snippet is correcting this error
DateTable with date column in fact table Snippet to create a correct date table based on the date range in a fact table.
DateTable with date ID in fact table Snippet to create a correct date table based on the date range in a fact table when the fact table only contains date IDs (e.g. 20201030).
ISO calender week DAX snippet to create the correct ISO week as calculated column

Power Query / M snippets

M-Snippet Description
DateID from Date Create the date ID in the format YYYYMMDD from a date column
Date from UNIX-Timestamp If you get the date as UNIX-timestamp and you want to create a proper date from it
ISO-Week from date Function to get the ISO week from a column in DATE format
Time table with buckets The easiest way to create a time table is in M. Just use this snippet to create an universal time table with buckets for 5, 15 and 30 minutes


Power BI and Power Query code snippets







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