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An awesome curated list of blogs built using blogdown
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Awesome Blogdown

An awesome curated list of blogs built using blogdown.

Update: Awesome Blogdown has moved to its own site,!

About Blogdown

The blogdown package for R lets you create static websites using RMarkdown and Hugo. Sites are rendered to static files which simplifies publishing and hosting, at the same time as allowing you to easily version control your site.

Contributing to the list

If you want to add a site that uses blogdown to this list, please create a pull request with the necessary change. We'll confirm that it's using blogdown and merge the request. If you're not comfortable doing that, find me on twitter and let me know.

Adding your site

The Awesome Blogdown website is driven from a single json file that gets deployed to the website. This file is automatically built from the contents of the json directory.

To add your site, create a new file in the json directory, using the convention '.json', for instance, if your site were hosted at '' the filename to use would be ''.

The new file should contain a short json snippet that describes your site. The structure is as follows:

  "name": "the name of the blog",
  "url": "",
  "desc": "A brief description of the blog"

Have a look at the some of the other files in the json directory to get an idea of the structure and what's been added for other sites, and then create a pull request with your changes.

Using the Awesome Blogdown data

The json file containing all the data is served from

If you do end up using it for something, let me know, I'd love to hear about it!


MIT © Mark Sellors

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