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Web based controls for the energenie4u Pi-mote Control, written in python and using the flask web framework.

Designed to provide a really simple web interface for the Raspberry Pi compatible Pi-mote controller for Energenie's remote control sockets.

Some of the code for this project is adapted from the following Energenie supplied controller script:

This project is in no way affiliated with


  • A Raspberry Pi computer
  • The Energenie Pi-mote remote controller
  • 1 or more Energenie remote control sockets - The Pi-mote supports up to 4

To run the scripts supplied here you'll need flask and the RasPi Python GPIO library

sudo apt-get install python-flask python-rpi.gpio

Quick Start

Change into the installation directory and run:

sudo ./eplugsctl start

Assuming all the dependencies are met and you receive no errors, you can now visit http://<your Pi's IP or domain name>:5000 in a browser and start turning things on and off.

To stop the server, just run:

sudo ./eplugsctl stop

A note on security

Please never, ever expose this application to the open internet. It is intended for use inside your home network only.

Adding more sockets/renaming sockets

By default eplugs is configured for 2 sockets, as this matches what you get in Energenie's starter kit. This means the web UI displays 3 groups of on/off buttons, 'All', 'Socket 1' and 'Socket 2'. If you have a look in './templates/eplugs.html' you'll find that buttons for sockets 3 and 4 are currently commented out. uncomment if you need them. You can also play with the sizes and designs of the buttons on here, as well as the names of the sockets. The button graphics are in './static/'.

Using with monit

I'm a big fan of monit and if you'd like to use it with monit, create a new file in your monit/conf.d directory and add the following, adjusting to suit your installation where necessary

check process eplugs with pidfile /var/run/
    start program = "/path/to/eplugs/eplugsctl start"
    stop program = "/path/to/eplugs/eplugsctl stop"


Simple web based controls for the energenie4u Pi-mote Control







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