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Use solarized colors for shell-mode and term-mode #78

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Originally, the theme doesn't apply to the colors in shell-mode or in term-mode. This commit adds solarized color definitions for term-mode, and defines a solarized ansi-color-names-vector for setting colors in shell-mode.

Note: colors for term-mode only work for (to be released) emacs 24.3 and later.

@sellout sellout merged commit 4679874 into sellout:master
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Commits on Jan 15, 2013
  1. @leea
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  1. +12 −2 solarized-definitions.el
14 solarized-definitions.el
@@ -514,13 +514,23 @@ the \"Gen RGB\" column in solarized-definitions.el to improve them further."
(font-latex-sectioning-5-face ((t (,@fg-violet))))
(flyspell-incorrect ((t (,@fg-red))))
- (flyspell-duplicate ((t (,@fg-yellow)))))
+ (flyspell-duplicate ((t (,@fg-yellow))))
+ ;;ansi-term
+ (term-color-black ((t ( ,@fg-base02))))
+ (term-color-red ((t ( ,@fg-red))))
+ (term-color-green ((t ( ,@fg-green))))
+ (term-color-yellow ((t ( ,@fg-yellow))))
+ (term-color-blue ((t ( ,@fg-blue))))
+ (term-color-magenta ((t ( ,@fg-magenta))))
+ (term-color-cyan ((t ( ,@fg-cyan))))
+ (term-color-white ((t ( ,@fg-base00)))))
((foreground-color . ,(when (<= 16 (display-color-cells)) base0))
(background-color . ,back)
(background-mode . ,mode)
(cursor-color . ,(when (<= 16 (display-color-cells))
- base0)))))))))
+ base0))
+ (ansi-color-names-vector . [,base02 ,red ,green ,yellow ,blue ,magenta ,cyan ,base00]))))))))
(defmacro create-solarized-theme (mode)
(let* ((theme-name (intern (concat "solarized-" (symbol-name mode))))
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