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Worker's "all" and "find_by_key" methods should accept "connection" as argument #1

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Hi Vincent,

This is just a small patch to make Worker accept a connection argument, consistent with Queue.

I use this feature to find active workers in a django app I wrote: . Please take a look at it when you're free and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions :)

@selwin selwin merged commit 50ba003 into master
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Commits on May 16, 2012
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21 rq/
@@ -50,15 +50,17 @@ class Worker(object):
redis_workers_keys = 'rq:workers'
- def all(cls):
+ def all(cls, connection=None):
"""Returns an iterable of all Workers.
- conn = get_current_connection()
- reported_working = conn.smembers(cls.redis_workers_keys)
- return compact(map(cls.find_by_key, reported_working))
+ if connection is None:
+ connection = get_current_connection()
+ reported_working = connection.smembers(cls.redis_workers_keys)
+ workers = [cls.find_by_key(key, connection) for key in reported_working]
+ return compact(workers)
- def find_by_key(cls, worker_key):
+ def find_by_key(cls, worker_key, connection=None):
"""Returns a Worker instance, based on the naming conventions for
naming the internal Redis keys. Can be used to reverse-lookup Workers
by their Redis keys.
@@ -68,14 +70,15 @@ def find_by_key(cls, worker_key):
if not worker_key.startswith(prefix):
raise ValueError('Not a valid RQ worker key: %s' % (worker_key,))
- conn = get_current_connection()
- if not conn.exists(worker_key):
+ if connection is None:
+ connection = get_current_connection()
+ if not connection.exists(worker_key):
return None
name = worker_key[len(prefix):]
worker = cls([], name)
- queues = conn.hget(worker.key, 'queues')
- worker._state = conn.hget(worker.key, 'state') or '?'
+ queues = connection.hget(worker.key, 'queues')
+ worker._state = connection.hget(worker.key, 'state') or '?'
if queues:
worker.queues = map(Queue, queues.split(','))
return worker
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