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SEM.js Leadership

Join the chat at

Existing Leaders

  • Vision Director
    • Miguel Castillo
  • Sponsorship Director
    • Matt Morgan
  • Venue Director
    • Dennis Burton
  • Jobs Director
    • Maddy Andrade
  • Programs Director
    • Ryan Lanciaux
    • Ian VanSchooten (assisting)
  • AV Director
    • John Chapman
    • Ian VanSchooten (shadowing)
  • Communications Director
    • Miguel Castillo
    • Danielle Closs (assisting)
  • Study Group Director (shared)
    • Danielle Closs
    • Matt Morgan

Documents we need to create:

  • 5 year plan
  • Costs of doing business

Current director roles we need to define:

Vision Director

6-8 hours a month

This role involves defining the vision for the meetup group as well as the future of the group. The Vision Director helps lead consensus decisions regarding direction and high level planning, and helps direct and answer questions for others in their roles; this role also can seek out new leadership members or define new roles as needed; this role would produce at least the first draft of the vision and 5 year plan (all of these activities/decisions will be made in conjunction with the rest of the leadership team).

This role also brainstorms future project/activity/program possibilities, as well as discusses/communicates these new ideas with the rest of the leadership team; this role also should enable these programs to happen, whether it be by making a plan and directing the program themselves, or finding someone who is willing and able to make the program happen.

There are several odd jobs that this role takes care of:

  • Speaking with people in the community
  • Creates Slides before each meeting and presents (or finds someone) before each meeting
  • Answer random emails and Meetup messages

Sponsorship Director

2-3 hours a month

This role is responsible for finding companies (or other groups) to sponsor our meetup meetings in various forms, such as food, swag, etc. This role also maintains these sponsorship relationships, to support the feeding at the meetup group (works closely with the Venue Director, Jobs Director when securing sponsorships)

The most important job for the Sponsor Director is finding food for meetings. We offer the following benefits to sponsors to thank them for their contributions:

  • Access to people looking for jobs
  • 5 minutes before the meeting they sponsor to talk
  • Shout Out in the Friday Email
  • Logo on the Meetup site

We tell sponsors that sponsoring a meeting gives them a 6-month "subscription" as a sponsor. This means we won't ask them again for at least 6 months from the last time they sponsored.

The Sponsorship Director often has lunch with sponsors to talk and maintain relations. The Sponsorship Director shall not receive any financial reward from the sponsors personally.

Venue Director

1 hour a month

This role is responsible for securing (and communicating with) a sponsor for the venue for each meetup meeting, and making sure that this venue has the appropriate amenities (projector, space, chairs/tables, etc.).

The Venue Director tries to schedule several months (6-12 months) in advance with the venue sponsors and follows up before each meeting to verify that they are still on board.

Jobs Director

3-4 hours a month

This role involves connecting members of our meetup group that are seeking jobs with sponsor companies (or other companies with which we have ties). The Jobs Director receives email on the address and follows up in a timely manner. It is important that the Jobs Director receives consent from a candidate before connecting them with a sponsor looking to hire. We do not want to send candidates to their own company. That can be (and has been) awkward.

Programs Director

6-8 hours a month

The primary role of the Programs Director is to find speakers for the meetings. Every meeting (usually) has two speakers: a Lightning Talk presenter and a Featured presenter. The Programs Director will seek out speakers several months in advance and make sure we ALWAYS know who is speaking the following month. This job helps develop new speakers as well as finding seasoned speakers. For newer speakers, this often means having lots of conversations and supporting them to help ensure a successful presentation. The Programs Director may have lunch with future speakers to help vett and develop the content.

The Programs Director should try to attend other meetups and conferences in the area to view and find presenters.

AV Director

6-8 hours a month

This role involves recording meetup talks, editing/compiling videos, and posting these videos to the meetup youtube channel (also currently supplying the video/computer equipment to do so).

Communications Director

2-3 hours a month

This role involves internal (for group members) and external (meetup group "image") communication and materials (marketing, social media, logo, swag/sticker designs, etc.)

  • Sets up the Meetup meetings
  • Send out a reminder email the Friday before the regular meetings
  • Manages the Domain and emails
  • Sends out Tweets
  • Re-publish recorded presentations on Channel 9

Study Group Director

3-4 hours a month

This role involves maintaining the study group meeting; this involves making attendees feel welcome at the study group, answer questions, give them help or resources as needed, directing discussion, and possibly leading the way for the study group project that is currently underway. This role could also involves brainstorming future project/activity possibilities; this role currently also secures food/venue for the study group meeting

Repo and more information

Finances Director ???

0 hours a month

We might need this in the future, but it is currently unnecessary