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Future of the Group

This is a living document. Our goal is to keep the group thriving for years to come, and part of that includes thinking about the future.

One Year (end of 2017)

Within one year, we'd like to restructure the organaztion of the group such thate we stabalize the leadership and roles. By the end of the year, we should have a clear understanding of who does what, and how the roles interact with each other.

Three Years (end of 2019)

  • Unification with other user groups or meetups
  • Create a network of organizers to share ideas and learn from
  • Create training programs for new developers (under-represented demographics)
  • Community blogging and screencasts

Five Years (end of 2021)

  • Non-profit Learning Center
  • Weekend Hacking Retreats
  • Community outreach (schools, kids, etc)