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MOSAiC - My Open Source Activity Collection

MOSAiC is a site for publishing portfolios with a focus on code and open source participation. A code portfolio consists of an overview of one's participation in open source projects and serves as a portal for potential employers, interested peers, and yourself.

Projects is a living entity, some are active and some are dormant and a thing of the past. This should be reflected in a code portfolio, but at the same time we are lazy and want things automated. So MOSAiC allows you to associate your portfolio with open source projects to get statistics and relevant information automatically updated back into your portfolio. E.g. by showing a graph of one's active participation in repositories, issue trackers, mailing lists ect., indicating if you are still actively working on this project. Single contributions to major projects, such as bug-reports and patches will not go unnoticed anymore.

Try it now for yourself on our demo server.

MOSAiC consist of two major components:

  1. the website itself written in a combination of django, tastyPie and Backbone.js
  2. sources providing activity information to the website

Currently, sources are implemented for git and mercurial repositories, with additional sources (issue trackers, wikis, code hosting sites) planned. The website contains a worklist of sources it want new information from, and each source can query the website for work. Sources are language agnostic, as they communicate with the website through HTTP

  • in practice they are implemented in Python though.

The website itself focuses on presenting the portfolio as clearly as possible, while providing a nice in-line editing mode for updating portfolios. The current version contains some quirks in the in-line editing implementation, and is a bit excessive with calls to the REST interface.

This project was written in 48 hours as part of django-dash 2012.


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