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Monitors a single or many Twitter Handle's tweets and if a company name is within their tweets, monitors the company's stock levels for the next week. Was originally the "TrumpStockMonitor"
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This project originally started when I noticed that if Trump mentioned a company within his tweets, their shares would either go up in price if the tweet was positive or drop if the tweet was negative. I decided to make a script to follow Trump and monitor the companies that he mentioned over a week, to see how the tweet affected the price of the company's shares. I have updated this to make it usable for multiple Twitter accounts at the same time.


For this you will need:

  • Pinance
  • Tweepy
  • NLTK

These can be installed via:

pip install pinance
pip install tweepy
pip install nltk


  • You must first set up a Twitter APP

  • You need to set up an email and make sure that your account allows less secure apps

  • Input this data into the config file with your keys and email info like so:

Config setup

This is still being updated.

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