A better TLS Certificate revocation system, featuring bloom filters (server).
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Bloom-revoke is a server entity and browser extension that increases security of the web-browsing experience by periodically sending clients a bloom-filter of revoked TLS Certificates. This data is compiled and stored on our (school-owned) servers, and sent to browsers periodically - this provides a complete, up-to-date list of revoked certificates.


Not sure if you've heard... but TLS/SSL revokation is broken.

Revocation mechanisms today:

CRL (Certificate Revocation List):

  • This is a list managed by a CA (Certificate Authority) containing revoked certificates
  • Certificates point to one of these, the client downloads it and checks if this cert has been revoked > Why is this bad?
  • The median size CRL is 51 KB, and you will need a certificate for every CA you are in contact with, so downloads are expensive

OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol):

  • Instead of a list, CAs open up endpoints for the client to query when they visit a website. So you're going to google.com, you ask its CA: is google.com still legit?
  • Certificates also point to one of these > Why is this bad?
  • Privacy risk: CAs know your site traffic history
  • You pay for 2 requests, and you get 1 desired response :(

OCSP Stapling:

  • The server makes an OCSP response, "staples" it to the cert, and sends it to you.
  • An attacker can't change the CAs cert (hopefully), so it must include a valid one.
  • If it's been revoked, the attacker can't help but include in its request that it's been revoked. > Why is this bad?
  • No one uses it. Really.

How about browsers?



  • Basically only does checking for EV certs
  • Adds CRLSet
    • Must be really small (contains < 1% of revoked certs) ........
  • Doesn't respect an OCSP Staple revokation (wtf?)


  • No CRLS!
  • Only OCSP - reasonably effective but doesn't check intermediate / roots


  • No one checks anything because latency

Wow ok... so what should we do?

We propose that clients keep a bloom-filter, which is a probabilistic data structure, locally which contains domains that have been revoked.

Clients (browser extension) could update this list periodically

  • it is very small and thus would have full coverage of every revoked certificate.
  • it would be delivered out of band, so no added latency
  • no privacy issues involved with OCSP
  • no latency, so mobile browsers could do this!!! (******)
  • bloom filters never have false negatives, so if you it's not in the bloom filter, it's definitely OK
  • bloom filters sometimes have false positives, so if it's in the bloom filter, we have to check
    • this isn't that bad, as if it's really revoked the latency doesn't matter
    • if it isn't revoked, you incur a small penalty (but with OCSP, it's the same as you had before!)
  • Shifting the option of security to the end-users, not servers or browser designers