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Semantic Dependency Parsing Toolkit

This repository contains a Java toolkit for semantic dependency parsing. It has been developed in connection with two shared tasks:

Detailed information about the tasks can be found at the respective websites.


The primary form of distribution for the project is via Git. See the Releases page for precompiled jar files.


After checking out the project from the repository, you should be able to build it using Gradle.

$ cd toolkit
$ gradle build

This will create a file build/libs/sdp.jar with the compiled classes. The jar can then be added to your classpath, whereby you will be able to use the provided classes in your own project. To see what is there, build the documentation:

$ gradle javadoc

The entry page for the documentation is build/docs/javadoc/index.html.

Command-line tools

Some of the tools implemented in the project can be called from the command line. The most revelant example is the Scorer tool, which is run as follows:

$ java -cp gold.sdp system.sdp representation=DM

This will evaluate the parser output in the file system.sdp based on the gold-standard analyses in the file gold.sdp based on the assumption that the data is given in the DM representation; other possible representations are PAS and PSD. The evaluation metrics used are defined on the Evaluation page.

The Git repository contains a convenience shell script called that allows you to use an abbreviated form of the above command, assuming that the jar file is in build/libs/sdp.jar:

$ sh Scorer gold.sdp system.sdp representation=DM


LP: labeled precision
LR: labeled recall
LF: labeled F1
LM: labeled exact match

UP: unlabeled precision
UR: unlabeled recall
UF: unlabeled F1
UM: unlabeled exact match

PP: precision with respect to complete predications
PR: recall with respect to complete predications
PF: F1 with respect to complete predications

FP: precision with respect to semantic frames
FR: recall with respect to semantic frames
FF: F1 with respect to semantic frames


Semantic Dependency Parsing Toolkit







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