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What is Semantic EvidencE?

Semantic EvidencE (SEE) provides resources for generating expressive, extensible and computationally accessible accounts of scientific evidence using Semantic Web techniques.

SEE is designed to enable Semantic Web compatible representation of the fabric of observations, materials & methods, assumptions, reasoning and information sources examined by researchers to establish or evaluate a scientific finding.

SEE represents evidence in terms of the argumentative structure of the supporting background for a claim. It enables representation of consecutive layers of interpretation and attribution and different evaluations based on the same data.

Read more about SEE.

SEE relies on RDO (Reasoning and Discourse Ontology) a lightweight OWL-vocabulary for representation of the relations among

  • scientific claims
  • argumentative structure
  • sources through which claims are communicated (e.g., scientific articles, database records)
  • agents making the claims (e.g., scientists, corporate bodies, information processing devices)

The current version of RDO is available here.

Read more about RDO.

SEE Publication

Bölling C., Weidlich M., and Holzhütter H.-G.: SEE: structured representation of scientific evidence in the biomedical domain using Semantic Web techniques. Journal of Biomedical Semantics 2014 5(Suppl 1): S1.
Publisher Full Text | Pubmed


SEE development is ongoing. Participate to improve, expand and integrate SEE resources!
Contact: christian.a.boelling -at-


Expressive Accounts of Scientific Evidence using Semantic Web Techniques



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