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Getting started

Manual setup

You can use semantic-release with the following manual setup steps:

  1. Install semantic-release either locally for your project or globally
  2. Configure:
    1. Your Continuous Integration service to run semantic-release
    2. Your Git repository and package manager repository authentication in your Continuous Integration service
    3. semantic-release's options and plugins

Guided setup through semantic-release-cli

Alternatively you can be guided through those setup steps thanks to the interactive CLI semantic-release-cli.

First install semantic-release-cli:

$ npm install -g semantic-release-cli

Then go to your project's directory and run the command:

$ cd your-module
$ semantic-release-cli setup

The output looks something like this:


Available options and other information can be found on semantic-release-cli's doc.

Note: only a limited number of options, CI services and plugins are currently supported by semantic-release-cli.

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