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Using semantic-release with GitLab CI

Environment variables

The Authentication environment variables can be configured with Secret variables.

Node project configuration

GitLab CI supports Pipelines allowing to test on multiple Node versions and publishing a release only when all test pass.

Note: The publish pipeline must run a Node >= 8 version.

.gitlab-ci.yml configuration for Node projects

This example is a minimal configuration for semantic-release with a build running Node 6 and 8. See GitLab CI - Configuration of your jobs with .gitlab-ci.yml for additional configuration options.

Note: Thesemantic-release execution command varies depending if you are using a local or global semantic-release installation.

# The release pipeline will run only if all jobs in the test pipeline are successful
    - test
    - release

  - npm install

  image: node:6
  stage: test
    - npm test

  image: node:8
  stage: test
    - npm test

  image: node:8
  stage: release
    - npx semantic-release

package.json configuration

A package.json is required only for local semantic-release installation.

  "devDependencies": {
    "semantic-release": "^15.0.0"
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