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@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ As a contributor, here are the guidelines we would like you to follow:
- [Submitting a Pull Request](#submitting-a-pull-request)
- [Coding rules](#coding-rules)
- [Working with the code](#working-with-the-code)
- [Working with the doc](#working-with-the-doc)

We also recommend that you read [How to Contribute to Open Source](

@@ -250,10 +249,3 @@ $ npm run test
All the [semantic-release]( repositories use [Commitizen]( to help you create [valid commit messages](#commit-message-guidelines).

After staging your changes with `git add`, run `npm run cm` to start the interactive commit message CLI.

## Working with the doc

Working with the doc is like [working with the code](#working-with-the-code), with the difference that you might find useful to see your changes locally before submitting.

You can do that by following the instructions on [how to use gitbook locally](

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