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% Smell ya later % Jeffrey Chupp

Something isn't right here. {#intro}

"Is it just me, or are the guinea pigs less smelly than usual?" Dad asked.

"They always smell bad to me," Trey replied.

"I think you should check on them," Dad says.

You are grounded {#grounded}

Dad isn't amused. You are grounded.

The investigation begins {#investigate}

Trey climbs the stairs carefully, noticing that the odor isn't quite what it used to be.

He hears a funny whirring noise that he's never heard the guinea pigs make before and then a very familiar but worried screech.

He turns the corner to see Margo has somehow transformed into a robot guinea pig and Mowie is terrified!

You call for help {#help}

This angers Margo! She jumps out of the cage, bending the metal in crazy directions and then breaks through the window and flies through the skies.

Dad is never going to believe you.

Mowie still seems terrified.

The End.

You dive in to save Mowie {#rescue}

Margo screams out in a robotic voice, "Halt, human!"

You are understandably surprised. "Margo, when did you learn how to talk?" you ask.

Margo replies in an annoyed tone, "Not long after I learned how to turn myself into a robot-guinea-pig."

"Oh," you say.

"Yes," says Margo.

"Well, what now?" you ask.

"Now, I will eat your Legos and lock you in this cage!" laughs robo-Margo.

Whew {#wake-up}

You wake up to an alarm clock going off. It was all a dream.