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set default image for minimized editor area

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1 parent 5d4a0e8 commit 449d547df3c13c239dc4995f52cd6e9726eaab69 @semanticsoft committed
5 ...emanticsoft.vaaclipse.behaviour/src/org/semanticsoft/vaaclipse/behaviour/
@@ -555,7 +555,10 @@ private void updateToolBar(MUIElement element, MToolBar toolBar)
MUILabel labelElement = getLabelElement(element);
if (labelElement != null)
- partItem.setIconURI(labelElement.getIconURI());
+ if (labelElement.getIconURI() != null && labelElement.getIconURI().trim().length() > 0)
ahoehma added a note

You can use Guava's !Strings.isEmptyOrNull(labelElement.getIconURI()) :-)

@semanticsoft Owner

Thanks ) I have a tons of own such simple utility classes in each projects except this )

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+ partItem.setIconURI(labelElement.getIconURI());
+ else
+ partItem.setIconURI("platform:/plugin/org.semanticsoft.vaaclipse.resources/VAADIN/themes/vaaclipse_default_theme/img/editor_area.png");
MPart part = getLeafPart(element);
item2Element.put(partItem, part);

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