Magento Extension for Rich Snippets and Semantic SEO with GoodRelations
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MSemantic: Rich Snippets and Semantic SEO with GoodRelations

The free Magento extension adds rich data-markup to shop pages so that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can display richer item previews in the search results ("Rich Snippets") with information about prices, availability, delivery options, images*, etc. This typically increases Click-Through-Rates (CTR) by up to 30 %.

At the same time, your shop will be more accessible for browser extensions and mobile applications.

Get extension key on magento connect

Mailing List

We run a mailing list, where we announce major releases.

Google Group

We offer a User Group to to file bug reports, feature requests and general usage questions.


Kudos to Martin Hepp, Alex Stolz and Andreas Radinger for continuous feedback and help maturing this effort, and to Michael Lambertz for the early releases.


Kurt Uwe Stoll