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  • Provide the name of HTTP Status code in assertions.

    Sean Collins

  • More explicit error message when running rake routes. CONTROLLER argument can now be supplied in different ways: Rails::WelcomeController, Rails::Welcome, rails/welcome.

    Fixes #22918.

    Edouard Chin

  • Allow ActionController::Parameters instances as an argument to URL helper methods. An ArgumentError will be raised if the passed parameters are not secure.

    Fixes #22832.

    Prathamesh Sonpatki

  • Add option for per-form CSRF tokens.

    Greg Ose & Ben Toews

  • Add tests and documentation for ActionController::Renderers::use_renderers.

    Benjamin Fleischer

  • Fix ActionController::Parameters#convert_parameters_to_hashes to return filtered or unfiltered values based on from where it is called, to_h or to_unsafe_h respectively.

    Fixes #22841.

    Prathamesh Sonpatki

  • Add ActionController::Parameters#include?

    Justin Coyne

Rails 5.0.0.beta1 (December 18, 2015)

  • Deprecate redirect_to :back in favor of redirect_back, which accepts a required fallback_location argument, thus eliminating the possibility of a RedirectBackError.

    Derek Prior

  • Add redirect_back method to ActionController::Redirecting to provide a way to safely redirect to the HTTP_REFERER if it is present, falling back to a provided redirect otherwise.

    Derek Prior

  • ActionController::TestCase will be moved to it's own gem in Rails 5.1

    With the speed improvements made to ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest we no longer need to keep two separate code bases for testing controllers. In Rails 5.1 ActionController::TestCase will be deprecated and moved into a gem outside of Rails source.

    This is a documentation deprecation so that going forward so new tests will use ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest instead of ActionController::TestCase.

    Eileen M. Uchitelle

  • Add a response_format option to ActionDispatch::DebugExceptions to configure the format of the response when errors occur in development mode.

    If response_format is :default the debug info will be rendered in an HTML page. In the other hand, if the provided value is :api the debug info will be rendered in the original response format.

    Jorge Bejar

  • Change the protect_from_forgery prepend default to false.

    Per this comment we want protect_from_forgery to default to prepend: false.

    protect_from_forgery will now be inserted into the callback chain at the point it is called in your application. This is useful for cases where you want to protect_from_forgery after you perform required authentication callbacks or other callbacks that are required to run after forgery protection.

    If you want protect_from_forgery callbacks to always run first, regardless of position they are called in your application then you can add prepend: true to your protect_from_forgery call.


    protect_from_forgery prepend: true

    Eileen M. Uchitelle

  • In url_for, never append a question mark to the URL when the query string is empty anyway. (It used to do that when called like url_for(controller: 'x', action: 'y', q: {}).)

    Paul Grayson

  • Catch invalid UTF-8 querystring values and respond with BadRequest

    Check querystring params for invalid UTF-8 characters, and raise an ActionController::BadRequest error if present. Previously these strings would typically trigger errors further down the stack.

    Grey Baker

  • Parse RSS/ATOM responses as XML, not HTML.

    Alexander Kaupanin

  • Show helpful message in BadRequest exceptions due to invalid path parameter encodings.

    Fixes #21923.

    Agis Anastasopoulos

  • Add the ability of returning arbitrary headers to ActionDispatch::Static.

    Now ActionDispatch::Static can accept HTTP headers so that developers will have control of returning arbitrary headers like 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' when a response is delivered. They can be configured with #config:


    config.public_file_server.headers = {
      "Cache-Control"               => "public, max-age=60",
      "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" => ""

    Yuki Nishijima

  • Allow multiple root routes in same scope level. Example:


    root 'blog#show', constraints: ->(req) { Hostname.blog_site?( }
    root 'landing#show'

    Rafael Sales

  • Fix regression in mounted engine named routes generation for app deployed to a subdirectory. relative_url_root was prepended to the path twice (e.g. "/subdir/subdir/engine_path" instead of "/subdir/engine_path")

    Fixes #20920. Fixes #21459.

    Matthew Erhard

  • ActionDispatch::Response#new no longer applies default headers. If you want default headers applied to the response object, then call ActionDispatch::Response.create. This change only impacts people who are directly constructing an ActionDispatch::Response object.

  • Accessing mime types via constants like Mime::HTML is deprecated. Please change code like this:


    To this:


    This change is so that Rails will not manage a list of constants, and fixes an issue where if a type isn't registered you could possibly get the wrong object.

    Mime[:html] is available in older versions of Rails, too, so you can safely change libraries and plugins and maintain compatibility with multiple versions of Rails.

  • url_for does not modify its arguments when generating polymorphic URLs.

    Bernerd Schaefer

  • Make it easier to opt in to config.force_ssl and config.ssl_options by making them less dangerous to try and easier to disable.

    SSL redirect:

    • Move :host and :port options within redirect: { … }. Deprecate.
    • Introduce :status and :body to customize the redirect response. The 301 permanent default makes it difficult to test the redirect and back out of it since browsers remember the 301. Test with a 302 or 307 instead, then switch to 301 once you're confident that all is well.

    HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS):

    • Shorter max-age. Shorten the default max-age from 1 year to 180 days, the low end for grading and greater than the 18-week minimum to qualify for browser preload lists.
    • Disabling HSTS. Setting hsts: false now sets hsts { expires: 0 } instead of omitting the header. Omitting does nothing to disable HSTS since browsers hang on to your previous settings until they expire. Sending { hsts: { expires: 0 }} flushes out old browser settings and actually disables HSTS:
    • HSTS Preload. Introduce preload: true to set the preload flag, indicating that your site may be included in browser preload lists, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11, and Edge. Submit your site:

    Jeremy Daer

  • Update ActionController::TestSession#fetch to behave more like ActionDispatch::Request::Session#fetch when using non-string keys.

    Jeremy Friesen

  • Using strings or symbols for middleware class names is deprecated. Convert things like this:

    middleware.use "Foo::Bar"

    to this:

    middleware.use Foo::Bar

  • ActionController::TestSession now accepts a default value as well as a block for generating a default value based off the key provided.

    This fixes calls to session#fetch in ApplicationController instances that take more two arguments or a block from raising ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (2 for 1) when performing controller tests.

    Matthew Gerrior

  • Fix ActionController::Parameters#fetch overwriting KeyError returned by default block.

    Jonas Schuber Erlandsson, Roque Pinel

  • ActionController::Parameters no longer inherits from HashWithIndifferentAccess

    Inheriting from HashWithIndifferentAccess allowed users to call any enumerable methods on Parameters object, resulting in a risk of losing the permitted? status or even getting back a pure Hash object instead of a Parameters object with proper sanitization.

    By not inheriting from HashWithIndifferentAccess, we are able to make sure that all methods that are defined in Parameters object will return a proper Parameters object with a correct permitted? flag.

    Prem Sichanugrist

  • Replaced ActiveSupport::Concurrency::Latch with Concurrent::CountDownLatch from the concurrent-ruby gem.

    Jerry D'Antonio

  • Add ability to filter parameters based on parent keys.

    # matches {credit_card: {code: "xxxx"}}
    # doesn't match {file: { code: "xxxx"}}
    config.filter_parameters += [ "credit_card.code" ]

    See #13897.

    Guillaume Malette

  • Deprecate passing first parameter as Hash and default status code for head method.

    Mehmet Emin İNAÇ

  • AddsRack::Utils::ParameterTypeError and Rack::Utils::InvalidParameterError to the rescue_responses hash in ExceptionWrapper (Rack recommends integrators serve 400s for both of these).

    Grey Baker

  • Add support for API only apps. ActionController::API is added as a replacement of ActionController::Base for this kind of applications.

    Santiago Pastorino, Jorge Bejar

  • Remove assigns and assert_template. Both methods have been extracted into a gem at

    See #18950.

    Alan Guo Xiang Tan

  • FileHandler and Static middleware initializers accept index argument to configure the directory index file name. Defaults to index (as in index.html).

    See #20017.

    Eliot Sykes

  • Deprecate :nothing option for render method.

    Mehmet Emin İNAÇ

  • Fix rake routes not showing the right format when nesting multiple routes.

    See #18373.

    Ravil Bayramgalin

  • Add ability to override default form builder for a controller.

    class AdminController < ApplicationController
      default_form_builder AdminFormBuilder

    Kevin McPhillips

  • For actions with no corresponding templates, render head :no_content instead of raising an error. This allows for slimmer API controller methods that simply work, without needing further instructions.

    See #19036.

    Stephen Bussey

  • Provide friendlier access to request variants.

    request.variant = :phone  # true
    request.variant.tablet? # false
    request.variant = [:phone, :tablet]                  # true
    request.variant.desktop?                # false
    request.variant.any?(:phone, :desktop)  # true
    request.variant.any?(:desktop, :watch)  # false

    George Claghorn

  • Fix regression where a gzip file response would have a Content-type, even when it was a 304 status code.

    See #19271.

    Kohei Suzuki

  • Fix handling of empty X_FORWARDED_HOST header in raw_host_with_port.

    Previously, an empty X_FORWARDED_HOST header would cause Actiondispatch::Http:URL.raw_host_with_port to return nil, causing to raise a NoMethodError.

    Adam Forsyth

  • Allow Bearer as token-keyword in Authorization-Header.

    Additionally to Token, the keyword Bearer is acceptable as a keyword for the auth-token. The Bearer keyword is described in the original OAuth RFC and used in libraries like Angular-JWT.

    See #19094.

    Peter Schröder

  • Drop request class from RouteSet constructor.

    If you would like to use a custom request class, please subclass and implement the request_class method.

  • Fallback to ENV['RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT'] in url_for.

    Fixed an issue where the RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT environment variable is not prepended to the path when url_for is called. If SCRIPT_NAME (used by Rack) is set, it takes precedence.

    Fixes #5122.

    Yasyf Mohamedali

  • Partitioning of routes is now done when the routes are being drawn. This helps to decrease the time spent filtering the routes during the first request.

    Guo Xiang Tan

  • Fix regression in functional tests. Responses should have default headers assigned.

    See #18423.

    Jeremy Kemper, Yves Senn

  • Deprecate AbstractController#skip_action_callback in favor of individual skip_callback methods (which can be made to raise an error if no callback was removed).

    Iain Beeston

  • Alias the ActionDispatch::Request#uuid method to ActionDispatch::Request#request_id. Due to implementation, config.log_tags = [:request_id] also works in substitute for config.log_tags = [:uuid].

    David Ilizarov

  • Change filter on /rails/info/routes to use an actual path regexp from rails and not approximate javascript version. Oniguruma supports much more extensive list of features than javascript regexp engine.

    Fixes #18402.

    Ravil Bayramgalin

  • Non-string authenticity tokens do not raise NoMethodError when decoding the masked token.

    Ville Lautanala

  • Add http_cache_forever to Action Controller, so we can cache a response that never gets expired.


  • ActionController#translate supports symbols as shortcuts. When a shortcut is given it also performs the lookup without the action name.

    Max Melentiev

  • Expand ActionController::ConditionalGet#fresh_when and stale? to also accept a collection of records as the first argument, so that the following code can be written in a shorter form.

    # Before
    def index
      @articles = Article.all
      fresh_when(etag: @articles, last_modified: @articles.maximum(:updated_at))
    # After
    def index
      @articles = Article.all


  • Explicitly ignored wildcard verbs when searching for HEAD routes before fallback

    Fixes an issue where a mounted rack app at root would intercept the HEAD request causing an incorrect behavior during the fall back to GET requests.


    draw do
        get '/home' => 'test#index'
        mount rack_app, at: '/'
    head '/home'
    assert_response :success

    In this case, a HEAD request runs through the routes the first time and fails to match anything. Then, it runs through the list with the fallback and matches get '/home'. The original behavior would match the rack app in the first pass.

    Terence Sun

  • Migrating xhr methods to keyword arguments syntax in ActionController::TestCase and ActionDispatch::Integration

    Old syntax:

    xhr :get, :create, params: { id: 1 }

    New syntax example:

    get :create, params: { id: 1 }, xhr: true

    Kir Shatrov

  • Migrating to keyword arguments syntax in ActionController::TestCase and ActionDispatch::Integration HTTP request methods.


    post :create, params: { y: x }, session: { a: 'b' }
    get :view, params: { id: 1 }
    get :view, params: { id: 1 }, format: :json

    Kir Shatrov

  • Preserve default url options when generating URLs.

    Fixes an issue that would cause default_url_options to be lost when generating URLs with fewer positional arguments than parameters in the route definition.

    Tekin Suleyman

  • Deprecate *_via_redirect integration test methods.

    Use follow_redirect! manually after the request call for the same behavior.

    Aditya Kapoor

  • Add ActionController::Renderer to render arbitrary templates outside controller actions.

    Its functionality is accessible through class methods render and renderer of ActionController::Base.

    Ravil Bayramgalin

  • Support :assigns option when rendering with controllers/mailers.

    Ravil Bayramgalin

  • Default headers, removed in controller actions, are no longer reapplied on the test response.

    Jonas Baumann

  • Deprecate all *_filter callbacks in favor of *_action callbacks.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Allow you to pass prepend: false to protect_from_forgery to have the verification callback appended instead of prepended to the chain. This allows you to let the verification step depend on prior callbacks.


    class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
      before_action :authenticate
      protect_from_forgery prepend: false, unless: -> { @authenticated_by.oauth? }
        def authenticate
          if oauth_request?
            # authenticate with oauth
            @authenticated_by = 'oauth'.inquiry
            # authenticate with cookies
            @authenticated_by = 'cookie'.inquiry

    Josef Šimánek

  • Remove ActionController::HideActions.

    Ravil Bayramgalin

  • Remove respond_to/respond_with placeholder methods, this functionality has been extracted to the responders gem.

    Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Remove deprecated assertion files.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated usage of string keys in URL helpers.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated only_path option on *_path helpers.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated NamedRouteCollection#helpers.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated support to define routes with :to option that doesn't contain #.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated ActionDispatch::Response#to_ary.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated ActionDispatch::Request#deep_munge.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated ActionDispatch::Http::Parameters#symbolized_path_parameters.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated option use_route in controller tests.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Ensure append_info_to_payload is called even if an exception is raised.

    Fixes an issue where when an exception is raised in the request the additional payload data is not available.

    See #14903.

    Dieter Komendera, Margus Pärt

  • Correctly rely on the response's status code to handle calls to head.

    Robin Dupret

  • Using head method returns empty response_body instead of returning a single space " ".

    The old behavior was added as a workaround for a bug in an early version of Safari, where the HTTP headers are not returned correctly if the response body has a 0-length. This is been fixed since and the workaround is no longer necessary.

    Fixes #18253.

    Prathamesh Sonpatki

  • Fix how polymorphic routes works with objects that implement to_model.

    Travis Grathwell

  • Stop converting empty arrays in params to nil.

    This behavior was introduced in response to CVE-2012-2660, CVE-2012-2694 and CVE-2013-0155

    ActiveRecord now issues a safe query when passing an empty array into a where clause, so there is no longer a need to defend against this type of input (any nils are still stripped from the array).

    Chris Sinjakli

  • Fixed usage of optional scopes in url helpers.

    Alex Robbin

  • Fixed handling of positional url helper arguments when format: false.

    Fixes #17819.

    Andrew White, Tatiana Soukiassian

Please check 4-2-stable for previous changes.