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Simple monorepo you can use as a template to start developing your dApp with Semaphore.


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Semaphore Boilerplate

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The repository is divided into two components: web app and contracts. The app allows users to create their own Semaphore identity, join a group and then send their feedback anonymously (currently on Sepolia).

🛠 Install

Use this repository as a Github template.

Clone your repository:

git clone<your-username>/<your-repo>.git

and install the dependencies:

cd <your-repo> && yarn

📜 Usage

Copy the .env.example file as .env:

cp .env.example .env

and add your environment variables or run the app in a local network.

Local server

You can start your app locally with:

yarn dev

Deploy the contract

  1. Go to the apps/contracts directory and deploy your contract:
yarn deploy --semaphore <semaphore-address> --group <group-id> --network sepolia
  1. Update the apps/web-app/.env.$(NODE_ENV).local files with your new contract address, the group id and the semaphore contract address.

  2. Copy your contract artifacts from apps/contracts/artifacts/contracts folder to apps/web-app/contract-artifacts folder.

Check the Semaphore contract addresses here.

The group id is a number!

Verify the contract

Verify your contract on Etherscan:

yarn verify <your-contract-address> <semaphore-address> <group-id> --network sepolia

Remember to set the Etherscan API Key in your .env file.

Code formatting

Run Prettier to check formatting rules:

yarn prettier

or to automatically format the code:

yarn prettier:write