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A Semaphore CI/CD pipeline with Google Cloud Run.
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Semaphore CI/CD demo for Google Cloud Run

This is an example application and CI/CD pipeline showing how to build, test and deploy a serverless microservice to Google Cloud Run using Semaphore 2.0.


  • Ruby Sinatra as web framework
  • RSpec for tests
  • Packaged in a Docker container
  • Container pushed to Google Container Registry
  • Deployed to Google Cloud Run:
    • One-click deployment to staging
    • Continuous deployment to master on green builds on master branch

CI/CD on Semaphore

If you're new to Semaphore, feel free to fork this repository and use it to create a project.

The CI/CD pipeline is defined in .semaphore directory and looks like this:

CI/CD pipeline on Semaphore

You can follow through the documentation for a complete walkthrough.

Local application setup

To run the microservice:

bundle install --path .bundle
bundle exec rackup

To run tests:

bundle exec rspec

To build and run Docker container:

docker build -t semaphore-demo-ruby-kubernetes .
docker run -p 80:4567 semaphore-demo-ruby-kubernetes
curl localhost
> hello world :))


Copyright (c) 2019 Rendered Text

Distributed under the MIT License. See the file LICENSE.

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